When it comes time to sell your home, you want to get the best possible value for it. That means sprucing things up a bit, inside and out. You can add a lot of value by just making a few renovations inside of your home and slapping up new, neutral paint colours. The first thing that prospective buyer will see though is your front yard, so you want it to look attractive. Here are the most important things that you should do to your front yard to make it attractive for potential buyers.

Prune Everything

If you have bushes and trees out front of your house, you need to get them pruned. This will make shrubs look much more attractive and manageable. Properly pruned trees are also healthy and safe for your yard, so not only with your property be beautified, but it will also be well taken care of.

Plant Some Colour

If your yard is all green and monotone, you should consider adding a splash of colour. You do not have to go wild with planting flowers, in fact, it is best not to put in too many flowers as that can deter those who are not big green thumbs. Planting a few seasonal flowers in your garden or merely getting a few potted plants will do just fine.

Remove Stumps

A tree stump in the middle of your yard is an eyesore, and it is something that buyers know that they will have to deal with down the line. Have the stump ground down or removed to help improve the aesthetics of your front yard. Your yard will look better for it, and your house will not lose value because the buyer will have to take on the cost of removing the stump once they own the home.

Plant a Tree

If there is a good place in the yard for some additional shade, then plant a tree. While the tree may be small when you plant it and sell your home, it is the promise of a full grown tree down the line. A baby tree is also aesthetically pleasing and will add to the overall attractiveness of your yard.

Mow Your Lawn

Keep your lawn mowed every time you have a showing. You want to show off your home at its best. Buyers and real estate agents will use any excuse to argue down the price. Mow your lawn often and treat any brown, dried out, or barren patches so that your yard looks beautiful.

Add Mulch to your Flower Beds

Go over your flower beds with a layer of mulch. It will keep weeds at bay while you are selling your home and helps with water retention. It looks great to potential buyers!

If You Need Help

The team at Arbor Care Tree Services are here to help you get your yard in order for potential buyers. We perform tree trimming in Mississauga as well as tree and shrub removal, shrub and hedge trimming, stump removal, and deep root feeding. The International Society of Arboriculture certifies our professional staff, and we offer 24-hour emergency tree services. Contact us today!