Fall is the perfect time to look for tree damage from pests and insects, treat them effectively, and help them spring back to life with a healthy glow in the warmer months. Tree damage can grow right under your nose without your awareness until it’s too late. 

There’s a huge variety of insects and pests that can be responsible for the outbreak. In many cases, the infestation eats away your greenery for years but it escapes your eye because it’s hard to spot damages in the initial stages unless you’re trained to do so. The first step to eliminate threats is to learn how to distinguish between insect and pest damage. Just 15 minutes of daily inspection can save your yard and your wallet. Arbor Care Tree Services, professional tree care services, gives you a few tips to help you detect problems early. 

Early Tree Pest Detection

The biggest benefit of detecting tree pests and insects in the early stages is to lessen the chances of them spreading to other shrubs and trees. This also helps reduce costs of managing the problem, removing mature trees, and replacement charges. Routine tree inspection is key. 

Arm Yourself with Diagnostic Tools

If you have a lush yard, it helps to have a few diagnostic tools to avoid losing mature trees that have served you well. It’s hard to hack down your favourite apple tree or rose bushes that have brightened up your garden for years. Check with your local tree care experts to learn more about simple DIY Tree pest diagnosis methods.

Chewed Leaves

Notice any jagged holes or irregular edges on tree leaves? You’re in for a problem then. In all probability, the villain could be more than one. It could be caused by caterpillars, insect larvae, beetles or a weevil. Your strategy to save the leaves will be based on identifying exactly which insect it is. Inspect the leaves closely, keeping a healthy distance to avoid any flying into your nose. Wear a protective mask if the tree is infested. Different insects leave different chewing patterns on leaves. Some nibble them in different ways. For instance, beetles go straight for the thicker middle, biting off the surface, leaving only the veins for you to admire. Hire experts to throw more light and tackle them accordingly.

Damaged Foliage

Tiny insects such as Aphids, look soft and unassuming but can create havoc with their sharp mouthparts that they suck out the plant sap with. Sensitive shrubs react to their saliva by puckering up, wilting or distorting. Similarly, mites cause foliage to shrivel up, turn yellow and dry by sucking out the juice from leaves. Watch out for damaged leaves. The earlier you spot, the earlier you can save your foliage. Tree care experts can instantly spot the insect species responsible for the damage. If you are unsure, they will identify and use the right treatment to tackle them. 

White Spots on Branches

Do you see white spots on twigs and branches? Those are typically caused by tiny white bugs that are not more than 1/16” long or the size of a ladybug that feed on the plant fluids. If the white spots are widespread, so is the infestation. White patches on your trees that are often mistaken for mould can be caused by a colony of insects like Aphids that live off the sap fluids. The egg sacks often appear as white cotton-like patches. Tiny bark holes strewn with sawdust are likely caused by wood-boring insects that lay their eggs in bark cracks and crevices. When the larvae hatch, they tunnel their way into the barks of the trees, blocking water or nutrients from feeding the leaves, so they dry up and die. Do you really want to give up your garden to so many destructive invaders? Catch them before they take over.

Save Your Plants with Arbor Care Tree Services, Mississauga

Leave the inspection and treatment to experts to save your trees and shrubs from long-term damage. Call our experienced experts at Arbor Care Tree Services at once if you suspect anything wrong. We rush to your rescue, armed with both treatment and maintenance program that will keep off pests and insects in the future so your plants grow healthy and strong. If you don’t spot anything wrong yet, even better. Our tree and shrub care program will keep all the evil ones at bay so you enjoy the fruits of your labour for years to come.